HDPE / PP Woven Sacks
Woven sacks and FIBCs offer several advantages over other industrial packaging material such as corrugated boxes, paper bags, and fiber drums.
Some of the advantages are
Moisture Proof
HDPE/PP Bags are inherently moisture repellent
Light Weight
HDPE/PP Bags are light weight and maximize storage space. They offer easy and cheap transportation and are conducive for road, rail or container shipment.
Bright 2/3 Colour printing offers aggressive marketing prospects
Stack ability
No problems in stacking. It can be gusseted to further improve stacking
High tensile strength and long life. No corrosion
Highly economical when compared to other alternative packing material, enhances labour cost savings especially at discharge.
No seepages
Ease of handling
Light weight enhances ease of handling
Environmental friendly
Ability to reuse and/or recycle bags.
1.Small Bag Designs
 Width : Range - 12" (300mm) to 33"(840mm)
Length : As per customer's specifications
From 8 X 8 to 14 X 14
From 600 to 1400
For Cement
For Tarpaulins
Milky White, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Pink, Green, Red, Ivory, Blue, Black, etc. with shades as per clients choice.
Highly economical when compared to other alternative packing material, enhances labour cost savings especially at discharge.
Inside/outside, with mirror or matt finish.
Three Colour Flexo Printing Single/Double Side. Corona treated with tape test ink.
Environmental friendly
Ability to reuse and/or recycle bags.
BAG FORMATS (Regular, Liner, Valve With Diagrams)
Circular Woven Bottom Stitched Laminated or Unlaminated Offered with gussets also.
Circular Woven laminated or Unlaminated, With loose PE Liner Bottom Stitched.
Circular Woven laminated or Unlaminated Both ends Sewn Valve Type Mouth.
8x8 to 14x14 per sq. in. OR
32x32 to 56x56 per sq. dm.
Width: Standard 2.5 mm. Other widths on request.
Denier: 600 D to 1400 D
Milky White, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Pink, Green, Red, Ivory , Blue , Black etc. with shade as per buyers choice
Ultra Violet Stabilized. TiO2, CaCO3 or anti slip coated or as specified.
Inside / outside , with mirror or matt finishing. Laminated or Unlaminated.
Side lamination film width will be maintained as per customer requirement.
BOPP / Polyester / Poly Printed Bags
HPDE/PP bags sandwiched with BOPP/polyester/poly printed films. The printing version is available as reverse or surface.
FIBC / Jumbo Bags
DCL understands the customer’s requirement and offer packaging solutions that not only meet customer's Lifting, Filling and Discharge requirements but also enhance ease of handling.
Body Construction

FIBC/Jumbo bags basically have a square or rectangular base. The bag sizes vary and depend on the purpose for which they will be used. For instance, while there are no specific bag sizes for storage, preference might be given to taller and wider bags. Generally, bags meant for shipping or for rail freight have a common size as listed below.
Shipping containers - 89 cm x 89 cm
Rail freight - 74 cm x 74 cm or 104 cm x 104

DCL offer a wide range of fabric in different widths and gram mage; enabling customised supply at any given time.

At DCL, fabrics are designed to meet a minimum of 5:1 safety factor. However, denser and stronger fabrics for a safe working load of 6:1 or higher can be manufactured. In bulk bags, working loads range from 500-2000 kg.

Design Variations
For hazardous materials, a variety of UN approved bag designs are also available.
Fabrics woven with a breathing stripe allow the passage of more air (necessary for products like potatoes) while maintaining the integrity of the bag.
Coated fabrics are suggested for use with either fine powder products or those sensitive to moisture.
Conductive fabric and bag designs are available for products that form static energy.

Standard Four Loop Bag

Two Loop Bag

One Loop Bag
On filling, the standard bags will round out. To minimize this effect without reducing the storage capacity of the bag, we use internal baffles that provide tautness and cut down on space requirements, thereby lowering freight costs too.
For complete discharge of contents which are slightly sticky (like brown sugar), DCL recommends the Conical Bag.
DCL offer several lifting options to enhance the mobility of these heavy bags that are used for diverse requirement.
Hood lift, four-loop and sleeve lifts are specifically designed for use with forklifts.

Hood Lift

Two-loop Side Lift
For unassisted forklift pick-up and for moving very tall bags, self-standing loops are ideal.

Cross-Corner Loops

Side-Seam Loops
Sleeve Lift
Bags can be picked up by a hook with the attachment of additional loops to the four loop bags. One-loop and Two-loop bags are ideal for pick-up by either crane or forklift.

Ancillary Loops

Single Stevedore Strap
Double Stevedore Straps
Albatross Loops
Full Loop Bag
Loops with wear pads
Filling and Closure

DCL offers a range of filling and closure options depending on the type of machinery operated and the product to be stored in the bag. For products of low value or for those that are not subject to moisture damage, no top may be necessary.

On the other hand, the duffel top secures the high value contents of the bags and provides easy accessibility too. The top with a draw cord permits air flow but still confines the product. For those materials which settle with time, a cone top allows for extra filling. Filling systems (including spouts) to attach to different pieces of equipment are also available.

Open Top with Hem

Tie-Down Flap
Duffel Top
Open Top & Tightening Holes
Open Top with Draw Cord
Filling Spout
The most economical discharge option for customers who choose not to reuse their bags is a flat bottom which is slit to release the material. However, for the customers who prefer some reusability, DCL offers a variety of discharge options. Several spout options can be produced to match equipment and hygiene requirements - covers over the tied-off spout protect products from contamination. A full drop bottom ensures quicker discharge.

Discharge Spout

Discharge Spout with Iris Protection
Discharge Spout with Petal Closure
Discharge Spout with Sewn Cover
Discharge Spout with Protection Flap
Full Drop Bottom
FIBC Liners
Liners prevent the incursion of moisture and secure the integrity of its contents. Though coated fabrics retard moisture, they cannot entirely prevent dampness making liners a viable option for most. Available to suit all bag types, these liners can be loosely inserted, sewn in, or glued to the outer bag.

Valve Liner

Gusseted Open-Top Liner
Open-Top Liner
Top-Spouted Liner
Top and Bottom-Spouted Liner
Cubic Top-Spouted Liner
Cubic Top and Bottom Spouted Liner
Tarpaulins are light weight and offer the advantage of heavy tensile strength, excellent water-proof capacity, chemically resistance and exceptional low-cost. Tarpaulins are widely used and are especially preferred for protection by the agriculture, construction and leisure industries.
Made out of high tenacity polyethylene tapes, woven into fabric and laminated on both sides
Reinforced with strong PE ropes on all sides
Uses special aluminium/plastic eyelets at intervals of 3 feet
Uses 6 feet width of panels
Contains U.V. stabilizers on tapes and lamination to ensure longer life
Manufacturing Range
Wide range of colours
GSM range: 80 GSM, 100 GSM, 125 GSM, 150 GSM and 200 GSM
Sandwiched tarps with two layers of pre-woven fabric and three layers of LDPE. Lamination for special application is also available in 200 GSM and 400 GSM range
Designed and developed as per customer's requirement and specification
Refugee camps
Truck covers
Boat covers
Utility covers
Canal lining
Irrigation dam
 Wind break
Fumigation covers
Crate covers
Green house & Industrial sheds