At DCL, “Quality” is given top priority and is the key factor that drives the team. Regular study of products, customer requirements, the market and environment ensures DCL is always a step ahead.
DCL’s objectives and committed principles
  To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and continuously develop DCL’s environment, performance and product quality for this purpose.
  To keep DCL’s environment and the working areas always clean and train the team to keep hygiene top of mind
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To be active in reducing natural resource consumption and prevent environmental pollution.
To encourage DCL’s employees to participate in quality, environment and productivity projects.
To introduce new products to the market, analyse customer necessities and expectations in line with the national and international developments in technology.
Testing Facilities
FIBC test rig
  First bag for every order and also randomly selected bags from daily lot get continually load tested on our 4 Load Cell Test Rig for 5, 6 or 8 times their Safe Working Load eliminating any possibility of an un-safe bag getting into production.
Atlas Weathero meter for UV testing
Bulk bags are often subject to intense UV Rays for months at a time. The body fabric and the seams must survive this exposure without weakening and undergoing rapid degradation. Sun Light and Moisture causes millions of dollars of material damage every year. To ensure that FIBCs would last outdoors without weakening, every fabric and the yarn produced undergoes a UV Resistance test in State of Art accelerated weathering tester.
Computerized tensile testing machine for Breaking strength of Tape and Fabric
Tapes, Webbing and Fabric, all need to have required strength for safe performance.Tensile and breaking strength of all components get tested for every lot on computerized Tensile Tester.
Round the clock monitoring
MFI Indicator to check RM quality
In-Process checking
Skilled workmen and qualified technicians
In the unlikely event of a production flaw, DCL is able to track back through the production process, all the way to the raw material, to identify the problem. Using the traceability of quality assurance system, all non-conforming products are marked in the plant using special means. Any non conformities are immediately corrected and necessary measures are implemented to correct the problem.