Total integration
DCL is a vertically integrated unit. We have all the required facilities in-house and we rarely outsource anything from outside. Its 100% integration permits us to deliver our products in multiple options while retaining 100% control over the manufacturing process.
DCL uses absolute state-of-the-art extrusion technology which produces impeccable high tensile strength tapes with optimum elongation - a pre requisite for perfect fabric are wound with electronic winders. Quality checks begin from the very initial stages of Tape-making. Every lot produced is checked for its Denier, Strength, Elongation and Colour.
Fine and consistently even fabric is a necessity at DCL. Computerized weaving machines with the help of skilled hands produce consistent quality fabric. In the end what you have from this state-of-the-art facility is an amazing collection of poly woven fabric, in a wide range of GSM’s for all your needs.
Any FIBC, is as good as the quality of input that goes into making it. DCL’s decision of making all critical auxiliaries in house gives it total control over the quality of the FIBC.
DCL offers the most cost-effective solutions for carrying bulk commodities up to 2500 kgs. FIBC designs are certified by LABORDTA.

The assembly section is planned for neat and clean environment, smooth workflow and strict adherence to clean facilities. The specially trained work force, qualified for basic intelligence parameters and quality orientation works as a team to deliver consistent product quality.

Full scale production for any bag starts only after the first prototype bag has been certified by the QC in all respects, including Load Test. Each and every bag is inspected for all critical and aesthetic parameters.